You LOVE helping others transform their lives. I'd like to share 30 years of experience (for FREE) over 4 weeks to help you make a successful business of it.yes-please

A leader is anyone who steps up and influences others. An authentic leader does so with awareness, inner clarity and a life-affirming and ethical intent. Each of you has the potential to be an authentic leader."
–Tana Heminsley

Why Choose Authentic Leadership Global™ to help you build your coach business? Tana Heminsley, CEO and Founder,  Authentic Leadership Global, shares her thoughts about why these programs are a right fit for you.

I want to support as many people, as quickly as possible, to be their best or authentic self and experience more meaning and inner peace in their lives. I also want to help them connect with their purpose and find their way to help change the world.

Together, we can reach many more people as we co-create a community of heart-centred coaches and facilitators – each of whom has a sustainable business. Because if your business isn’t successful, you’ll end up going back to that thing, that career you left behind. And the world needs your important gifts too much for that to happen.

Would you like to join me?

Authentic Leadership programs are available for you to support your client audiences (whether they are leaders in organizations or those within the community, such as women, men, parents, etc.) to step back, reconnect with who they are and what is important to them in their life in order to:

  • Lead meaningful lives connected to their values and purpose
  • Cultivate excellence in relationship skills – with themselves and others
  • Bring their unique way of leading into organizations and communities
  • Be clear about their ethics and unique way to help to make the world an even better place
  • Live each day with just a little more ease…
If you are getting goose bumps we may be meant to meet.  Let’s have tea.

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